Staysure Travel Insurance Review: Is it the Right Choice for Your Trip?

Travel insurance provides invaluable protection against unexpected issues like emergency medical expenses, trip cancellations, lost luggage, and more. When choosing a policy, it’s important to understand the coverage, costs, and claim process to ensure the provider is a good fit. This review will examine popular UK provider Staysure Travel Insurance to help you determine if it’s the right choice for your next trip.

Overview of Staysure Travel Insurance

Staysure offers both single trip and annual multi-trip travel insurance plans. They also have a long-stay policy for trips from 18-24 months. Additional coverages like gadget protection or adventure sports can be added on.

Staysure has comprehensive offerings with generous coverage limits and emergency assistance services. Pre-existing medical conditions are covered when disclosed during the quote process.

Plans can be customized based on factors like:

  • Trip destination
  • Length of travel
  • Cost of trip
  • Age of travelers
  • Pre-existing conditions

Benefits of Choosing a Staysure Travel Insurance Policy

Robust inclusions – Staysure plans offer extensive benefits like:

  • £10 million medical and repatriation coverage
  • £5,000 for lost/stolen baggage
  • £2,000 cancellation protection
  • 24/7 emergency assistance helpline

Generous limits – Staysure provides higher coverage maximums than some other providers. This reduces the risk of exceeding your policy limits.

Pre-existing coverage – Travelers with pre-existing medical conditions can receive coverage by going through medical screening.

24/7 assistance – Multilingual assistance line helps with emergencies like illness, hospitalization, lost documents or missed connections.

Potential Drawbacks of Staysure to Consider

Pricing may be higher – Staysure isn’t always the most budget-friendly provider, so compare quotes.

Adventure sport add-on required – Activities like scuba diving require purchasing an extra policy add-on.

Medical screening required – To cover pre-existing conditions, you must complete their online medical assessment process.

Staysure Travel 🧳 Insurance Costs and Pricing

Staysure pricing depends on factors like:

  • Length of trip
  • Number and age of travelers
  • Destination
  • Policy benefits and limits

Single trip – Starting around £30 per person

Annual multi-trip – Starting at £140 per person

Over 65 years old – Policies start around £65

Add-ons – Extras like gadget coverage or golf equipment coverage increase the price

Bundling your travel insurance when booking flights or hotels can provide discounted rates.

How to Purchase a Staysure Travel Insurance Policy

Staysure makes it easy to get a quote and buy online:

  1. Get an instant quote by entering your trip details
  2. Select desired coverages like medical, baggage, or cancellation
  3. Complete medical screening if covering pre-existing conditions
  4. Pay for and download your full policy documents

You can also speak with a Staysure agent over the phone to purchase a policy. Be sure to read all policy documentation before your trip.

Tips for Filing a Staysure Claim

To file a claim with Staysure:

  • Gather supporting documentation like reports, receipts, proof of incident
  • Submit claim ASAP – time limits apply (e.g medical claims within 30 days)
  • Provide all details requested by claims team
  • Send documentation through online claims portal

Expect claims processing to take 2-3 weeks after submitting all details.

Is Staysure Travel Insurance Recommended?

Staysure comprehensive plans provide solid protection for travelers who want robust coverage, especially those with medical conditions. However, the costs may be higher than other providers.

For travelers on a budget or wanting basic protection, compare quotes with providers like Columbia Insurance or AA Travel Insurance before deciding.

Consider your specific trip risks and needs. Ultimately, finding the right balance of affordable coverage gives you the best peace of mind. Safe travels!

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